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The Rocket Fuel Institute aims to transform the digital industry, propelling it to the forefront of the global shift to artificial intelligence (“AI”) by educating and exploring innovation at the intersection of data, technology, and customer experiences. We seek ways to enable and sustain AI-based growth in marketing and across verticals by understanding how digital transformation and adaptive automation combined with human intuition accelerates over time.

The Rocket Fuel Institute is an alpha apollo mission and research initiative dedicated to the transformative field of artificial intelligence in digital marketing. We believe that with great data comes great responsibility, and by using Rocket Fuel’s roughly 300b daily marketing observations, we can generate answers to some of the biggest known unknowns in digital marketing, and perhaps uncover some of the unknown unknowns that affect marketers across the industry.

Aiming to collaborate with brands, agencies, and other organizations across the globe, we conduct research and drive the adoption and commercialization of AI technologies for marketing and customer experience transformation by teaming up with researchers and data scientists to drive new innovations for Rocket Fuel and beyond. Our goals are to: 1) be a leading center for AI marketing research; 2) discover the underlying patterns that enhance customer experiences; and 3) explore how exponential digital trends impact business transformation.

Our long term research goal is to converge academic research with applied sciences in machine intelligence for marketing. The Rocket Fuel Institute builds real-world applications of AI technology for digital marketing, working towards the second part of our purpose: to use AI to understand and impact the nature of customer experiences. We collaborate with experts to build tools that support and augment their work in fields from financial services to pharma, and apply our research to help improve Rocket Fuel’s products and services. Drawing on the best available technologies, together with our own original research, we’re making cutting-edge breakthroughs in addressing some of marketing’s biggest and most complex challenges.

We are eager to partner with other researchers and groups interested in delivering objective, data-driven research that helps agencies, advertisers, and marketers deliver results that matter.


Nikos Acuña

Managing Director

Rocket Fuel Institute

Mark Torrance

Interim Chief Scientific Advisor

Rocket Fuel 

Ken Rufo, Ph. D.

Director of Research

Emphatic Thinking

Alex Perrin

Director of Innovation

Rocket Fuel


John Mruz

VP of Innovation

Rocket Fuel

Julie Polito

Director, Research and Editorial

Cool Medium

Ning Ma


Rocket Fuel


For marketers seeking to connect with customers in more meaningful ways, researchers looking to establish foundational knowledge, students seeking education in digital marketing powered by machine intelligence, or companies building innovation labs or investing in new marketing technology, Rocket Fuel Institute is here for you.

For inquiries into our existing or forthcoming work, or to discuss how you might partner with us, you can contact us at

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